All clothing must be neat, clean, in good repair and well pressed. The necessary information on the purchase of uniform is provided below.

School uniform is to be worn every day; however the learners should carry the P.E. uniform to school every day.

During the cold season, each learner will be required to come in their full uniform including the sweater and blazer.


Standard, conservative, short hair (cut), no jewellery.


Make up, and nail polish (with the exception of clear polish) may not be worn. If earrings are worn they must be small. Hair should be neatly braided into lines or combed.


School Uniform List

The uniform sample is on display at school, please request to be shown. New uniform can be acquired from Haria Uniforms 3rd floor, Sarit Center Westlands.

  • Blouse: white short-sleeved
  • Socks: Long grey
  • Shoes: Black
  • Sweater: Grey V-necked either long-sleeved or sleeveless.
  • Swimming suit P.E kit (please supply a red t-shirt, blue shorts and running shoes).
  • Skirt (girls) can be tailored at school for a fee or ordered alongside the other uniform from Haria.
  • Navy blue blazer
  • Grey Shorts for the boys
  • Indoor shoes


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