Koinonia Education Centre's approach to teaching provides each learner with the opportunity to develop their abilities to their full potential.

The system makes use of individualized techniques and it is progress-related rather than chronological (age-related). Each learner is promoted to the next unit when a satisfactory grade has been attained.

At the time of entry, the learners are given diagnostic tests to determine the level at which they will start and each learns at his/her own pace. The approach has the following characteristics:

      • Diagnostic testing to determine level of entry.
      • Self- paced with students beginning at own level and moving at own pace.
      • Progress-related rather than chronological age related.
      • Biblically-based education program
      • Learners setting own achievable realistic goals.
      • Inculcation of critical thinking skills and character building.

The curriculum is based on the following Five Basic Laws of Learning;

      • A child must be at a level where he can perform.
      • A child must set reasonable goals.
      • A child’s learning must be controlled, and he must be motivated to learn.
      • A child’s learning must be measurable.
      • A child’s learning must be rewarded.

Based on these principles you are assured of:

      • A solid, mastery, back-to-basics education for every learner.
      • A course of study diagnostically individualized to meet every learner’s specific learning needs and capabilities.
      • A program incorporating Scripture, godly character building, and wisdom principles.
      • A school that will maintain high Biblical and academic standards and remain committed to setting the learners on a path for success preparing them for the world today and giving them the academic and spiritual tools necessary to achieve their God-given potential.



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